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Friday, May 27, 2011

To Americanize or not: the orthography (spelling) question

I'd alluded to the fact that I'm an ex-pat. Astute readers of prior posts would have noticed that I wrote "flavour" with the u included. This correctly indicates that my English retains UK influences - and indeed, I was born and raised in Canada, a Commonwealth member (although I understand that environmentalists asked the country to be suspended in status in 2009) .

However, I do work for an American multinational. And my undergraduate studies were also undertaken near Boston, where I vividly recall being penalized (not "penalised") for any slip-ups I made for non-American spelling.

For those asking "but is there such a thing as "Canadian" spelling?", my good friend Rosemary has this example: "Canadian Tire Centre". In UK spelling it would be Tyre, and in the US, it would be Center: in Canada, the full example is the only correct way to write it.

So, dear readers, please expect - and hopefully respect - my decision to "go Canadian".

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