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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Using HootSuite for Facebook page posts: a mystery glitch?

Although the engagement completed in 2013, I have the privilege of remaining on the admin list for one of my employer's Facebook pages. In the past day, my colleague was kind enough to note that due to a glitch, scheduled posts via HootSuite attribute me as the person creating them. This is in spite of my never having linked my HootSuite account to that page, although I do have it linked to my personal Facebook account. For full disclosure, while I'd considered personally sharing one or both of the stories below, I hadn't, nor had I used HootSuite to view or share them to my various social media channels (which in this case, would likely have been personal Facebook via Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and my Google Plus page).

Evidence A and B:

If one is not an administrator of the Facebook page, however, this additional information is not disclosed - so had I chosen to keep my silence, very few people would be cognizant of the onset of this strange phenomenon.
My question to those reading this post is this: have you encountered this or a similar case of false attribution of posts to an SNS? I'll update this entry with any information that I can uncover.

Update: received a helpful tweet from a former colleague from Dublin Software Lab:
@sodoherty@MayoTakeuchi your FB issue probably related to this.

The above link from cnet reports the following:
Facebook said Tuesday that it has tweaked its News Feed formula yet again, this time to include posts that Pages you've "liked" are tagged in. The alteration means you'll find stories from Pages you don't follow mentioning those that you do.
So, it's clear that things are in flux when it comes to relating content from Pages to user accounts - however, I'm not seeing this issue - that is, I don't see additional content when the page wherein I'm an administrator has been tagged. I did appreciate being notified about this, though - thanks, Simon!

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