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Here are the other places on the web where you may wish to find and interact with me.

Open Networker-like behaviour (anyone and everyone is welcome to link to me here!)

Instagram: the "best of best of" photos that can be cropped to square dimensions end up here, since near the end of 2013. In 2014, I was posting just one per day, and now I will occasionally post something that I think lives up to my standards.

Twitter: my five most recent tweets can be read via the widget in this blog, but as I go on sporadic tweeting sprees it may make sense to follow me.

Google+ Page "Mayo Takeuchi Plus": favourite photos and some video can be found here, though I've reverted to increased use of my personal G+ due to ease of Instagramming. Here I share news and article links via Twitter, along with photos to some nature photography related communities.

Personal Google+: my public photo collection is slowly growing, thanks to the mobile app. I share mostly thought-intensive, economic/political topics there to trigger discussions.
Pinterest: My collection of work related infographics is here, and can be followed. I've also started to visually document places/foods/music/films etc. that I like.

Quora: member as of May 2012. It may take a while before I amass a reasonable body of answers. As of 2017, I started to answer some questions in Japanese as a beta user.

: As of January 2012, I've set up my space there and started to explore its features, albeit slowly. My Instagrams and a subset of Facebook posts now populate this blog.

More selective linking

LinkedIn: I am no LION: only very rarely do I allow for links with hitherto unknown people on here (e.g. when I anticipate working with them eventually, or feel confident in speaking to their professional skillsets).

4Square: Note that I no longer share my check-ins, and when I used to check in it was usually a few hours after the fact (having placed myself on the honour system)

Facebook: My FB profile, despite my sharing some posts such as retweets publicly, is deliberately hidden from search engines as I'd prefer that only people I know from RL link to me. At least two other eponymous people exist there, and only one of them shows up in searches.

Most of these links are also accessible via the portal as mentioned in the headline, above.

Other presences

Google Scholar: In an attempt to motivate myself to continue inventing (patents for my employer), I've created and published my profile.

Japanese (personal) blog: I posted daily for a few years. Its founding date was April 30, 2004, which was shortly after my humiliating linguistic failure on campus.

My permanent email address can be figured out simply by replacing * with my surname:

About Mayo

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Professional: As "Senior Enterprise SEO Strategist" in IBM's Digital Marketing division, I provide consulting and training services for both internal and external clients. Formerly I was involved in Natural Language Processing, software localization, quality assurance and documentation authoring.
Personal: INTJ Nikkei Nisei ex-patriated Canadian who takes photographs and enjoys Baroque through late Classical music. The G+ page shares some of the "best of" photos.