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Friday, August 31, 2012

Google+ers, please circle my "Mayo T Plus" page!

Photograph by Mayo Takeuchi
I use the macro feature liberally to create wallpaper-friendly photos

Also known in more colloquial (and honest) parlance as a "shameless plug", I would greatly appreciate if everyone using Google+ who has enjoyed my nature photographs, rants about language, or who may have an interest in my views on Japanese culture, to add my new Google+ hosted "business" page to their circles.

Why, you may ask, should you do so? Well, several reasons come to mind.

  • First, I have decided to begin populating this page, rather than use my personal G+ presence, to promote my "best of" photographs. Local foods and blurry candids may still be published to my Facebook timeline (as well as to pre-existing themed albums such as my pandas only album), but I believe that some of my pictures are actually good enough to use as desktop or mobile device wallpaper: hence the justification of this migration.
  • Second, I have in past done some fast and loose freelance translation - most recently, of a bunch of Beat Takeshi transcripts from his segments on a late night radio show during the 1980s that had a cult following, for someone's academic thesis. Noting that said material was so very NSFW (not safe for work) that other translators had actually declined to tackle it, I was simply grateful that I could puzzle out the extreme smut (which was easier to study online than, say, specialized technical jargon). Since this work isn't related to my full time, "mainstream" role, I decided I would discuss it on Google+, where I am hoping to find people interested in my views on informal language and how languages reflect culture.
  • Finally, I quickly discovered that for business pages, Google+ will only allow contacts to be added, if they add you first.

Why did I make the G+ page in the first place?
  • I don't believe that the aforementioned topics strictly belong to the normal scope of this blog, although I'm justifying this particular post as both a place to mention the recent and pending features for G+ business pages and to cross-promote my Mayo Takeuchi Plus page
  • As well, in order to speak about this aspect of G+, I decided a hands-on approach was easiest and most accurate.
  • I wanted to share my better quality photos as a "service" and showcase other non-dayjob skills.
So, to all who do kindly add me to your circles, a profound thanks!

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Professional: I served as "Senior Enterprise SEO Strategist" in IBM's Digital Marketing division until early 2018, during which I provided consulting and training services for both internal and external clients. Before this I was involved in Natural Language Processing, software localization, quality assurance and documentation authoring.
Currently, I am stewarding a taxonomy and scaling the learning curve to (the IT sense of) ontologies.
Personal: INTJ Nikkei Nisei ex-patriated Canadian who takes photographs and enjoys Baroque through late Classical music. The G+ page shares some of the "best of" photos.