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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where is Dennis Ritchie's day?

It's now a week since the creator of the C programming language, and co-creator of the UNIX operating system, Dennis Ritchie, died after a long illness. I still have the distinct impression that Steve Jobs' charisma and Apple's links to pop culture have generated far more hype than the former's profound contributions to technology.

A few days ago I'd shared the New York Times obituary on Ritchie, which garnered comments from my loyal readers (thank you, Klaus and Mick!) Since then, I'd been looking at various media sources to see what more would be said about him. However, I see announcements instead like this (Californian governor declares October 16 Steve Jobs Day), and threads like this (Google has neither created a doodle nor provided a hyperlink to Ritchie, despite doing the latter for Jobs).

It seems there must be many more people who share my disappointment and outrage that Ritchie's passing has been eclipsed so effectively by the timing of Jobs' death: here's a blog entry from Computerworld, which makes some more interesting comparisons.

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