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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year-end thoughts, 2011 edition

Over the lifetime I've spent living in various Western countries, I've noticed the predilection for media and individuals alike to focus on retrospection around this time of year: that is, reminiscing about the various events and experiences that one associates with the prior year. In direct contrast to this, it's my understanding that in Japan, it is customary to have 忘年会 which, paired with the 新年会 (which occurs after the 正月三が日 - first three days in January - timeperiod), encourages the forgetting of the prior year through much carousing and imbibing.

This year was particularly unforgettable to those with ties to Japan, however, and I've seen social media statuses speaking to the importance of remembering the disasters that have befallen my cultural homeland. The fallout - both metaphorical and literal (environmental, economic, political, and emotional) - will be palpable for decades, if not centuries, regardless of any desire the world may have to forget.

Personally speaking, I tend to mix traditions at year's end (as I suspect many Nikkei do): indulging in some retrospection, but mainly renewing commitment to work on fallibilities and improve upon specific aspects of life. This time, however, I also spent a surprising amount of time thinking more profoundly about my past, via fleshing out my timeline (courtesy of Facebook's latest UI change). But, this blog isn't the right forum to share such factoids.

I hope that 2012 enables everyone to make progress on what they wish, learn and implement interesting ideas, and generally experience fulfillment, sound health and happiness.

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