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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A tale of two search engine result pages (SERPs)

As many of us are wont to do, I periodically perform exact match searches on my full name on various search engines. For neutrality, I use a cache- and cookie-cleared Firefox, and happen to be on OSX.

The results I see from Google and Bing today, are surprisingly different. While it doesn't surprise me that Google prioritizes its own sites (of which blogspot is one), the Dogear and Lotus presence are listed in the top SERP, which is a bit surprising, considering how old they are.

Bing, on the other hand, doesn't show any of my employer-hosted pages, not just in the top set of results, but anywhere in the 45 listings it provides.

Google also claims there are "about 476" hits for my name in double quotes - that's more than ten times the number acknowledged by Bing. Also, due to a combination of its emphasis on Facebook matches and my high security settings, 4 of the Bing hits are of someone eponymous to me, whereas only 2 of Google's points to that same person (who isn't me).

In subsequent SERPs in both engines, one sees evidence of my "eminence" from the NLP related work I'd loved and still think about often, commingled with my time at university.

Here are the Google hits:

Did you mean: "Mayu Takeuchi" 

  1. Now, the Bing results:

      • Computer Software · 
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      Mayo Takeuchi Location Austria Industry Computer Software Übersicht von Mayo TakeuchiEmpfehlungen 3 Personen haben Mayo Takeuchi empfohlen
      • Computer Software · 
      • 3 recommendations · 
      • 212 connections · 
      • Austria
      Mayo Takeuchi Location Austria Industry Computer Software Mayo Takeuchi's Overview Recommendations 3 people have recommended Mayo
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