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Friday, June 3, 2011

Web Personalization and SEO: the convergence of past and present roles

When I moved countries, my role focussed on (though it wasn't strictly limited to) managing the web personalization (p13n) programme for my employer. This meant that there was pre-existing tooling that I had to promote to various internal adopters and webmasters, along with some supervisory work to maintain data. The succinct slogan I created to describe the aim of the programme was the following:

To present the right content to the right audience at the right time.

For various reasons, as of last year I joined the ranks of those already involved in what we call "Web Effectiveness" work. Here, usability and organic SEO are the main topics (with a side order of paid search optimization).

It occurs to me that, in fact, that p13n slogan that I'd created can directly be applied to what I'm still doing. Sure, the tooling is different, and my stakeholders are also different. But there, the dissimilarities end. My team essentially helps web content owners to optimize their pages in a way that the people who would most appreciate our offerings are able to find us most easily, and have a positive user experience.

Having a more direct connection to the web content we publish appeals to the technical writer within me. Perhaps I'll become a true SEO pundit yet.

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