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Friday, August 19, 2011

iOS vs Android users - commentary on an infographic

A former manager of mine shared this infographic on LinkedIn the other day, and I wanted to share some thoughts on the findings it presents.

First, it mentions that Android users mainly fit the 18-34 age bracket, which really seems to explain many of the other traits they're more likely to have. Specifically, the survey results reveal that Android users tend to have started using the internet around or after 2000, their incomes tend to be (significantly) lower than iOS users, they're not as well-traveled, and they tend to hold fewer educational qualifications. From the combination of these I suspect that the large portion of the sampled Android users simply haven't completed their undergraduate work yet.

Next, let's look at the gender skew -more men than women typically use Android. There's a well-touted gender correlation with math and perhaps stereotypically, with meat-heavy food preferences. Although having said that, anecdotally within my local team, there are 4 iPhone users (3 of whom are male): I'm the sole Android user.

Examining at the tendency towards pessimism (the aforementioned female manager from my NLP days who shared out the link implies that she's an Android user herself though, but as a "realist") when combined with fiscally conservative behaviour, it's not surprising that the Android crowd are later adopters of smartphones - though, speaking as an erstwhile software quality assurance person, I think most people who have been testers would be later adopters.

Although I speak as an Android user, I identify with more than half of the iOS traits. I match the core demographics, life experience and phone use traits on the iOS side with only a couple of exceptions. Personality-wise, I'm mostly on the Android side, but that's the only category where I'm overtly typical of the crowd: I can relate to roughly half from each set of all the remaining categories. Not sure whether I could legitimately say that however, since I've not seen any of the movies mentioned, can't get the TV channels listed or General Gau's chicken (it's Tso's in most places, but Gau's in New England) here in restaurants, and am only starting to explore European wines (I've heard great things about Swiss wineries..)

Mick, I think the Blackberry OS profile suits you quite well. Thanks as always for your comments, by the way!

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