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Friday, August 5, 2011

Learning "Englise" - a fun Friday share

I received the following album link from a friend: the photos consist of pages from a Hangul - English phrasebook.

Commented samples from the publication "Living Englise Language Everyday"

Aside from the implicit perceptions of "common" phrases that the authors seem to expect to be spoken or heard in English, the most noticeable grammatical mistakes seemed to arise from the unpredictable use of "to be" in place of "to have". This was actually something I noticed when studying French and German, such as the "j'ai froid" "I am cold" "mir ist kalt" comparisons (and it's "j'ai faim" "I'm hungry" "ich habe Hunger"/"ich bin hungrig") - in Japanese at least, the subject is so often omitted that just saying "寒い" ("[I feel] cold") and "お腹がすいた" ("[My] stomach has become empty", to attempt a literal interpretation). This would explain, if Korean has a similar construct, why such phrases are so often conjugated with the wrong verb.

The second page of the album simply consists of this:

Ah, and what gems that sequel must contain... hopefully with less emphasis on running over children and overall crime rates!

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