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Friday, September 16, 2011

How I syndicate web content

Like most individuals who are working on establishing an online presence, I have multiple SNSs (social networking services) on which I wish to share content. The four main services that I use currently, along with my audience demographics are as follows:
  • Twitter: mostly topics of professional interest or music, and breaking news, scientific articles and alma mater related newsbits. My twitter follower audience is still small and largely impersonal, which encourages me to be mindful that tweets may be mined publicly by anyone.
  • Google+: add to my preferred Twitter topics, photos that I've begun to upload to Picasaweb, which is primarily Vienna-related. On + my audience is academic and more professionally allied than on Facebook, with very little overlap.
  • Facebook (The link to my FB profile is not publicly available, which was my deliberate choice): most of the above, plus the occasional "true status" - things on my mind that only actual friends would find of slight interest to read. Here we find the greatest percentage of people I knew and felt favourably towards from all levels of school, elementary through university, as well as a handful of LinkedIn contacts though not all.
  • LinkedIn: my topics largely overlap with Twitter, save the music and breaking news types of content. My audience encompasses most contacts I made throughout my career, some web-based friends and some school friends.
(And as an aside, I've recently joined XING, but only have a few contacts on it thus far).

Since the mantra I follow is "write (or share) once, publish everywhere that it's relevant", here's what I've ended up doing:
  • Use the Rob McGee Google+ Bot on + to post content that I wish for + public, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (via the use of the #li or #in hashtag) to see. This works best for professional and academic topics. I particularly like that the main image that one sees normally just in Facebook-native link shares also happens when the bot is used.
  • Use the + interface without the bot, for content I only wish for subsets of my + audience to see.
  • Use a private Facebook group I created for some topics, and then use lists to target my audience subsets.
  • Use LinkedIn's status feature to either post content specifically to LI, or also to Twitter.
  • Use Tweetdeck's edit retweet feature from my phone, to post both to Twitter and sometimes to LI. This I often do while winding down in the evenings.
  • Use Android-native apps on my phone (for Huffingtonpost, NPR, BBC News) to share content either to Facebook or Twitter (with the option of forwarding it on also to LI via the aforementioned hashtags).

Two more aggregators I've noted to try out are and Yoono, both from my phone and computer. I may report back on these, when time allows.

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